Policies / Rules




No more than six people per camp site. 

Camping check in is after 1 pm and check out is prior to Noon.

Full payment for campground sites will be required at the time of booking your reservation. All cancellations from booking until 72 hours prior to arrival will require a 5% cancellation fee. If you are unable to cancel more than 72 hours prior to arrival, you will be charged for one day. No refunds for early departure.

Responsible alcohol consumption is allowed but we don’t allow illegal drugs (yep marijuana is illegal), loud music, disruptive behavior or political arguments (sports arguments are ok).

Quiet time is from 10 pm until 9 am.

Dueling is not allowed, so don’t bring out your guns unless you are here during hunting season. Leave your fireworks at home also.

If you smoke, please move far enough away so that you are not disturbing others.

If you use your fire pit, please put it out when you retire for bed.

A dumpster is provided for your trash. It is costing me a lot of money, so please use it.

Our campground has more than a thousand feet of creek front. Sometimes the water moves very quickly, so make sure you don’t allow your small children or non swimmers in without your close and constant supervision. There may be submerged objects, so use the creek at your own risk. We do not have a lifeguard on duty.

On rare occasion, the rains can cause flooding. If so, the campground may not be usable for one or two days. We will constantly monitor this and contact you if we become concerned. It is very important that we have as many ways as possible to contact you. 

For the safety of our campground, we reserve the right to run background checks on any of our campers or their guests.

Those who can’t seem to follow these rules will be asked to leave (but the money you paid in advance will stay).



  •  We are a pet friendly campground. Our success depends on the cooperation of our campers in creating a safe and fun environment. Pets are the responsibility of their owners. So are guests and children. With that in mind we have created the following rules:

  1. We allow only dogs and cats and no more than two animals per campsite.
  2. We do not allow aggressive dogs. Service animals are fine.
  3. The common areas away from the creek can be used to walk your animal. Keep them leashed within your camper space when you are not walking them and please don’t leave them unattended. If your pet is outside, you need to be as well. 
  4. Clean up after your pet immediately. That is what plastic Wal-Mart bags were made for.
  5. Please respect your neighbor’s space and their right to not be disturbed by your pet.
  6. This is pretty simple stuff, so those unable to follow these rules will have to leave. 


  Creek Side Campground, it’s owners, managers, and employees, are not responsible for loss, damage, or claims for damage, to property or RVs due to nature, acts of God, fire, theft, accident, or other causes.